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Different Factors That Affect Window Prices


When building or repairing a home, the cost of building walls, carpeting or tiling floors, installing roofs, and plumbing are all well taken into account. One of the common costs that homeowners tend to overlook is the cost of windows; no matter whether it is the installation or replacement of windows in the home. But a house’s windows make up an important component of the building that facilitates airflow and makes it a cozy living space instead of just an enclosed box.

Windows are, however, more prone to wear and tear, and damage than other parts of a home. Strong winds, hale storms, or kids playing the ball around your neighborhood could cause a few broken windows. And the added constant opening and shutting of windows in the summer heat of Cherry Hill also wears down the window frame over time. Thus, it is critical for homeowners, like yourself, to know how much window installations or repairs cost. In order to do that, you need to first know what factors influence window prices.

Installation and Labor

Paying for the expertise of skilled and experienced window installers, rather than skimping out and looking for someone to do it at a cheaper rate will actually help you save in the long run. When windows aren’t installed properly, it’s more likely to break down and get worn out in a much quicker time. One strong wind could even blow it away, literally, if you mistakenly hire someone who had no idea what they were doing.

Installing a window may seem easy, but it requires fitting the frame, the glass, and other parts together to make sure it can open and close seamlessly while creating a tightly sealed barrier between your home and the outside environment. Getting the right contractor to set your windows is also important if you don’t want to rack up any extra costs on your electricity bill due to massive energy loss.

An unsealed window could let heat out during the winter or let the heat in during the summer when you have the AC on full blast. Depending on the project, an hourly rate or a fixed cost for the entire project can be set. If you’re interested in knowing how much it would cost for your home, you can always call us for an assessment. The actual cost of labor is also affected by the type of installation you are opting for – Full-Frame Window Installation or Pocket Window Installation.

The main difference between the two types is that a full-frame installation is where the entire window is replaced. This involves taking out the entire frame and putting in all the works – window, window sill, and trim work. A pocket installation is a quicker process where a new window is just inserted into an old frame. Because there is less need for labor time, and fewer materials are required for a pocket installation, it costs a lot less. Unfortunately, a full-frame installation is necessary when there are signs of major damage to the existing frame.

Size, Shape, and Style

Depending on your choice, the cost of the window could be extremely high or at an extremely affordable rate. If you’re going on a budget, standard windows could help you save more than ordering custom-made ones. A general rule to follow is that the bigger and less common the style you’re looking at is, the higher the price tag. However, when thinking about the style of windows, determining where they will be in the house might help you plan better t alleviate some cost.

Window Frame Material

After choosing the shape, size, and style of your new windows, you’ll have to decide what material they should be made of. Today, there is an abundance of available choices. Below is a list of a few common materials used to make window frames. The most popular choice for most homeowners is the use of Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminum.

Aluminum – Durable

The main reason some homeowners like having aluminum frames for their windows is that it is a durable materials. While it can be more expensive than vinyl, it is a strong material that is also recyclable. However, compared to both vinyl and wood, it’s more commonly used in commercial window framing than in residential houses.

Vinyl – Affordable

Vinyl framing is probably the way to go if you’re looking for an affordable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing frame. Vinyl window frames are easy to install and because of the cheaper material, less labor, and lower cost of transportation, it is an overall cost-effective option.

Wood – Design

Quality wood frames are the most expensive type of window frame. But they also look the best in almost any type of home. The classic and clean look that window frames give homes is one of the major reasons why it is a popular choice despite the higher price tag. Aside from the design, wooden frames are also better insulators than the other 2 options. However, vinyl frames are now integrated with foam padding to improve insulation.

These are the 3 main factors to consider when looking into window pricing. There is definitely more you need to think about, such as the number of windows in your home, the type of glass on the window, and warranty conditions with the contractor. You’ll probably wear yourself out calculating each factor and the cost and you might still be far off from the actual cost estimates.

Calling a team of experts to get a more accurate estimate of costs could save you a lot of time and help you avoid another migraine. American Construction offers custom window installations; we’re also just a call away from helping you out.