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Home Design – Matching Siding With Your Roof


The colors that you pick for your home’s siding and roof can affect the overall aesthetic of the house. Will it stand out in your neighborhood because of its high curb appeal? And even more valuable, is the added real estate value that a matching siding with your roof will give your property.

The curb appeal of your home is greatly improved when, at first glance, the colors blend in well together. A lot of homeowners focus on getting the right color windows and doors but major players in aesthetics are your roof and siding. That should be obvious since these are probably the first things you see from afar.

Your home’s siding has 2 main functions. Its initial purpose is protection since it is a protective layer that surrounds the exterior of your home. The second reason you have siding is to unify your home’s design by setting the theme for the home exterior. Who doesn’t want their home to look nice on the outside?

Types of Siding

Before going on to pick out the best color matches for your siding, let’s look at what the different types of siding are. To find out which of these would be the best for your home, you can get opinions from the experts over at American Construction.

  • Vinyl Siding is the most common type used. It is available in almost any color and has the added advantages of being easy to install, easy to maintain, and extremely durable and long-lasting material.
  • Cedar Siding can give your home a very elegant look. Cedar is a really durable material that can be a bit high-maintenance but definitely looks great.
  • Aluminum siding is very durable and affordable for homeowners who like the steel look it gives their homes.
  • Hardie board Siding gives you the chance to try out many different styles. It is also referred to as cement board siding.

Matching Siding with your Roof

When deciding on how to match your roofing and siding, the common problem is whether to pick matching colors or contrasting colors. While everyone has their own styles and preferences when it comes to design and color matching, getting a siding and a roof with exactly the same colors is highly not recommended.

Choosing either 2 contrasting colors or similar colors in different shades are 2 of the most common ways to go. If you enjoy going bold with colors, you always have the freedom to mix it up as you wish.

However, on the safe side of conventional design is these 2 tried and true methods.

To Contrast or To Match

Your main goal is to allow the colors to blend together. By using complementary colors that work well together, you’ll be able to create a site that is pleasing to the eyes.

To Match

The main advantage of having 2 shades of similar colors is the appearance of uniformity. Your home looks more tied together because of the shared hue. With a much lighter shade and a darker shade of the same color, you can actually make your home pop out and look less boring. Usually, it is the roof that is set in a darker tone.

Some owners opt for a more creative approach. When choosing a whole other color that isn’t a direct contrast, try staying within the color family by maintaining consistency between earth colors, warm colors, and cool colors.

To Contrast

The other way to go about this is to get completely opposite colors to contrast each other. This helps you highlight your home. This also gives your home a more balanced undertone. Excessive use of a certain color often makes it bland. For most, this option is the norm. Still applying the same approach with matching colors, the roof should be darker.

Home Size

Bigger and smaller homes benefit from different schemes. With larger homes fitting colors for a more toned-down look. Whereas, smaller homes with lighter siding and roofing can appear to have more distinctive features. Darker shades also make smaller homes look bolder. However, natural hues might make a medium-sized home look boring.

However, before you actually go ahead and decide on a color scheme, there are other things to consider.


Applying the same color scheme from a traditional mid-century home to a more modern and edgy house won’t bear the same aesthetic. Certain colors fit a specific architectural style better. For example, older colonial homes look great with white siding and a darker-hued roof.

When in doubt, there are some common color schemes that you can apply to achieve the aesthetic you desire. Using medium colors is great for almost any home. However, if your home brags for an amazing landscape or great view, darker color options will help to not let your house go unnoticed amidst the scenery.

Matching your siding and your roof is not that difficult, especially with the many color samples and choices available at American Construction. The final decision may need some of your focus and attention but whether you’re picking out something to replace your old and broken-down siding, or something for your new home, the decision is ultimately yours.