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Why Summer is the Best Time to Replace Windows


When the sun is constantly shining, and vacations are in abundance, you may be thinking it is the worst time to replace your home’s windows. Summer is a time of fun, relaxation, and living life. Unfortunately, if your windows are in poor condition, you could see challenges ahead if summer is not used to replace them.

Summer Offers the Best Weather

It is not ideal to replace windows when it is raining or snowing. The best time to avoid these conditions is to have the job done in the summer months. To avoid the elements entering your home, summer is the best season. It is also essential to consider how the weather might impact the materials. For example, caulk is not going to work right if it is applied in frigid temperatures. To make sure your windows are sealed properly, have them installed when it is warm.

Reap the Benefits of Energy Saving

Old windows are often drafty and single-paned, leaving the interior temperature of your home at risk. Your heat or air conditioning could be battling the outside temperature as a result of inefficient windows. By replacing your windows early in the summer, you can see a fundamental change in your cooling bill. You will likely see that exact change in your heating bill a few months down the line.

Bask in the Noise Reduction

It is reasonable to hear some outside noises through your home’s windows. Someone that honks their car horn right outside, taps on the window, and other noises are normal to hear. However, if you can listen to the sounds of summer a block away, you may find relief in new windows. Replacing your windows in the summer will likely mean you can no longer hear:

  • A car coming down the street
  • Kids playing outside several houses down
  • Birds in the trees in the neighbor’s yard
  • A construction site a few blocks away

You may find that new windows make your home nearly silent, a gift to those seeking a relaxing afternoon in the mid-summer heat.

No Need to Worry About Broken Windows

Newer windows are less likely to break. While a baseball could still make its way through a brand-new window, debris from a windstorm could be less of a possibility. Wind carrying trash into old windows often results in a break. New windows are reinforced and are made to withstand heavy winds and, more frequently, debris.

Be Prepared to Enjoy the Fall Breeze

Where old windows stick and become difficult to open, new windows open smoothly. This might be a result of paint, wood expansion, or some other factor. If you plan to open your windows for a lovely autumn breeze, a summer replacement is ideal!

Get Your Windows Replaced Easily!

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