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3 Roofing Hazards to Look Out For This Winter


Every roof is at risk of damage during the winter. The degree of damage is different depending on factors that are all out of your control. Since winter is the enemy of a roof, it’s a time when you should pay careful attention to your roof for early signs of damage. Here are the three main types of roofing hazards to watch out for this winter!

Early Warning Signs of Gutter Damage

Ice can build up in the downspouts and causes a backlog, leaving destruction in its wake. This added weight will lead to cracking and will eventually cause the gutter to break away from the roof. Over time, this will become a major issue as the gutter slowly loses efficiency.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to give your gutters a good cleaning before the onset of winter. Clear away all of the leaves and other junk so that water is able to freely flow down the gutter. While no solution is completely foolproof, this lowers the risk of gutter damage during harsh winter months.

Signs of Roof Collapse

This is a major issue and must be addressed immediately. For many new homeowners, terms like a roof’s snow load rating are gibberish and not something openly discussed when buying a home, although they should be. Roof collapse can lead to fatal injuries if left unchecked or cause massive property damage.

The early warning signs of roof collapse are sagging ceilings, creaking, and doors becoming increasingly difficult to open and close. If you notice any of these signs, then contact a roofing expert immediately before the next major snowstorm.

You can prevent this by ensuring that all gutters are working at full efficiency and that your roof meets the recommended snow load rating for the area. Of course, the latter option is not so readily viable. Perform regular inspections of your home to ensure that the roof is holding well during large snowstorms. If the ceiling is sagging in a room, stay out of it until you can address the problem.

Formation of the Ice Dam

This issue will lead to eventual leaks in your roof so watching out for a potential ice dam is an essential winter task. What happens is that the heat from your home rises and meets the shingled roof, causing ice buildup to melt and drain to the edges, where it freezes again to create a dam that traps water on the roof. So instead of draining away like intended, the water puddles on the roof and will slowly create leaks.

Fortunately, preventing this issue is quite an easy process. Simply insulate your attic and clean the gutters before winter. After a snowstorm, remove snow buildup around the edges of your roof.

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