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Essential Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor Before Hiring Them


One of the most difficult choices a homeowner faces is choosing a contractor. Trust and expertise are both important elements to consider. A home is the biggest investment most people make, so they must be picky when it comes to improvements. That’s where so many people run into a roadblock. This blog post will show you the questions that you should always ask a contractor before working with them.

Do You Have a License?

New Jersey requires that roofing contractors are licensed but you should still ask this question. Never work with an unlicensed contractor. The roof is the most important element of your home so you want a contractor who will treat it with such importance.

Even though unlicensed contractors are breaking the law, they are still those who will try. If you find out too late, you could be looking at costly damage to your roof with no means of recovering your costs. Licensed contractors are covered by insurance, so you have recourse if a repair or update happens to go horribly wrong.

Do You Offer Warranties?

The best contractors offer amazing warranties for their work, so be sure to gather this information up-front. A warranty is a tangible way of guaranteeing the quality of the work provided so be wary of contractors who don’t offer them. Think about your options if they make a mistake. If you have no recourse, then the risk is too great.

How is Material Disposal Handled?

This might sound like an odd question, but the answer will tell you a lot about the professionalism of the contractor. Top contractors will put a dumpster out to collect old roofing materials. They will also have a detailed process in place, usually in writing. If they haven’t planned out this basic detail, then chances are that they haven’t planned out anything else.

How Long Have You Been a Roofing Contractor?

It’s okay to hire contractors who only have a few years of experience but you will need to vet them even further. But it’s riskier because what happens if you have a problem with your roof while it’s still under warranty but their new business has already folded? This is one reason homeowners generally work with experienced contractors.

Can You Provide a List of the Materials you Use?

Not only does this give you the opportunity to learn the brands that a contractor uses, but you can also gauge their experience. Top contractors have a firm understanding of the materials that are required to provide top services and will offer a variety of different choices.

Can You Show References From Past Projects?

Top roofing contractors will gladly provide references from past clients. References are the best way to showcase a contractor’s ability to carry out expert roofing services. Try to get at least three past reviews of their work and pay careful attention to the contractor’s communication, honesty, and professionalism.

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