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How to Tell if You Need New Windows


Windows can make a significant statement on a home. They can also help or harm your house in various ways. If you are considering the possibility of replacing your existing windows but are hoping to make them last another few years, there are a few factors to check out.

Difficult to Open

Older windows tend to stick. Opening and closing them can be a challenge because of pain or swelling. This is especially true if your windows are wood. When your windows are difficult to open and shut, it may be time for new ones.

Rot and Leaks

You might think it is just a tiny leak, so leaving it for a bit longer is nothing that a towel can’t fix. However, leaving a leak will lead to rot, which is definitely a problem for your windows and home, in general. Moisture can bring on decay, and decay is a serious safety concern.

Leaks also lead to mold, which can be dangerous for you and your family. For now, a repair might put a band-aid on the situation, but that band-aid will come off sooner, not later. A complete window replacement is the only way to ensure that a leak is completely stopped and your home is safe from window issues.

High Heating and Cooling Bills

Have you noticed your bill climbing recently? If so, it isn’t just insulation and poor energy habits that might impact your heating and cooling. Your windows could let in air from outside from poor seals; panes can also transfer the outside temperature more than you might think. Single-pane windows are known for poor insulation. Newer windows offer a quality that helps to reduce your energy bills.

Condensation Between Panes

You may be thinking that condensation is a typical, scientific event that just happens. There is bad condensation. When you can see moisture build up between the panes of your window(s), it is time for a replacement.

Noise Travels Through Easily

It is expected that you hear some noise through a closed window. What is not expected is that you hear everything going on in your entire neighborhood. The muffled sounds of your kids playing in the backyard are normal. The clearly audible sounds of the neighbor kid six doors down playing in their backyard are less normal.

Ready to Move Forward?

Have you identified one or more problems with your windows? If so, American Construction is ready to help with window installation in Cherry Hill! As a preferred contractor of Simonton windows and Energy Star Partner, American Construction is the company you want to replace your home’s windows. Contact us or request a quote today!