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Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? A Guide to Winterizing Your Roof


As exciting as it is to have winter approaching, it’s crucial to prepare for the cold and snow that comes with the weather. To survive the extreme cold of the season, you definitely need your home to be insulated. Getting your roof ready for winter is a vital step to insulating your home effectively. So while the fall still lingers, it is a smart idea to start winterizing your roof now.

Here’s a Guide to Help You Get Things Started:

Clear Out the Gutters

The first rule of winterizing your roof is to ensure that your gutters are in good condition. This is because a good gutter system helps to protect the roof from damage in the first place. Therefore, start clearing out debris that might clog your gutter system right now. Also, clean your rooftop and check for fallen leaves and rots that might be stuck in between the shingles.

Pare the Boughs Around Your Home

In winter, branches snap off the trees all the time. Sometimes, heavy wind can cause tree branches to fall, while on other days, heavy snow accumulation may be the cause of this. Unfortunately, having such a heavy fall on your roof can cause extensive damage. Protect your roof by trimming the extending boughs around your home.

Fix Damaged Roofs

If your roof is damaged, you need to start fixing it immediately! A roof leak is a common sign of a damaged roof; however, a damaged roof can go unnoticed especially if no leak occurs. This is why it is essential to inspect your roof regularly. If you notice any cracked shingles, fix them immediately. Also, replace missing shingles and flashing.

Inspect the Attic Insulation

Ensuring that your attic is in good condition adds some extra layer of protection and insulation to your home during winter. So, after ensuring that your roof is in good shape, you should also inspect your attic. Generally, fiberglass and cellulose loose-fill insulation is very effective for attic insulation. So, use either of the two depending on your preference, and make sure you add enough.

Also, check for damage and leaks in the attic. If there are any, fix them immediately and replace rotting and rusted parts of the attic.

Use a Professional

Getting your roof ready for winter may be a strenuous job, but it is totally worth it. While some homeowners find it easy to fix damaged roofs by themselves, others might find the task impossible. If it is too much of a workload to repair your roof and prepare it for winter, get a professional to do the job. Should you need your roof to be replaced, American Construction is the one to call for roof replacements before the winter.