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Reasons To Not Delay Replacing Your Roof


Damage to a roof is something that most people do not want to deal with. It can happen at an inopportune time, or perhaps you want to put it off until you are more financially stable. While these are understandable feelings on a roof replacement, waiting can cause an even bigger headache. There are four main reasons that you don’t want to delay replacing your roof.

Worsening Damage

A single incident may have caused damage to your roof, but further damage can occur over time. Initially, it may have been an easy fix, but what was once just a problem with the roof can become an issue with the home’s walls, ceilings, and structural integrity. Worsening damage is more costly than repairing the roof when it first requires it.

Increased Energy Bills

In your attempt to put off replacing your roof to save up some money, you have been paying more and more on your heating and cooling bills. Air flowing out of leaks in your roof is not just a problem for the winter. Hot air can escape, but so can cool air in the summer. The loss of air from your roof can result in costly utility bills.

Pests can Find Easy Access

No one wants uninvited guests living in their homes. Despite this, squirrels and other animals can find their way into your attic space by way of a damaged roof. If the hole is small, it can be made more prominent. If it is still small, mice can make their way in. Other pests that might invite themselves in include:

  • Pigeons
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Rats

To avoid these pests, make sure to replace your damaged roof now!

You May Have Mold Growth

Mold in your home is no joke. You and your family members can get sick from mold in your attic. To prevent such a scary event from occurring, stop any water from making its way inside. Leaks cause a lot of damage to a home, but no person should have to endure sickness caused by something that a roof replacement could have prevented.

Replace Your Roof Now!

A damaged roof can become a real problem if you delay the replacement. To avoid any further issues or pests, contact American Construction. American Construction mainly focuses on using CertainTeed Asphalt shingles for roof replacements. Don’t hesitate to get your new roof!