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Do I Need to Be Home While Roof Work is Proceeding?


Your roof is an integral part of your home that not only ensures your safety but also protects you from the elements. Your roof also maintains the health of the air you breathe inside your home. A home’s roof stays with you on average for 50+ years so it is critical to understand the steps to go through when you are replacing your home’s roof.

You have taken all the preliminary steps in calling a number of contractors, reviewing their estimates, and making a choice of the contractor for the job. But, now you are wondering how to plan your work and your life around the project. More importantly what to expect from your roofing contractor and what can you do to make your and his life easier through the process?

If you live in the northern suburbs of New Jersey like Cherry Hill, NJ, or Moorestown, NJ, you cannot get your roofing replaced just any time of the year, so you have many aspects to ensure that the job will go through without the additional interference of the weather.

Should I Move While My Roof is Being Installed?

Roofing Cherry Hill NJ says No! You do not need to move out of the house just because its roof is being replaced. Replacing the roof of an average single-family home should only take a few days, a week at the most. Barring any inclement weather conditions that prevent the crew from working or if they discover some major work is needed to the underlying structure before a new roof can be put on, most roofing jobs are done very quickly, limiting your time and hassle. Most roofing jobs are done on weekdays during business hours when you and your family are out at work or school. However, if you work from home or have you or your spouse spend the majority of your days at home, you may wish to consider moving away while the roof is being installed.

Would There Be a Lot of Noise?

A roofing job that is performed over the span of just a couple of days or even over a week to replace the entire roof does take a lot of manpower, which means a large crew working on top of your house. Roofing is a construction project where the entirety of shingles is removed from the roof of your house, your roof’s skeleton is checked for its soundness and a new layer of shingles is put on the roof of your job. So, yes it will be a noisy affair with lots of pounding and metal banging and nailing going on. If you think that would not be able to withstand the noise that comes with it, it might be a good idea to leave the house for the duration of time when the roofing crew is working to replace your roof. Even if you can handle the noise here are some tips for other occupants of your household and how to handle them during the time of roof replacement:

How to Prepare Your Children?

If your children will be at home while the roofing crew will be working around the house, it is very important to have a conversation with them to prepare them for the precautions that they must take in order to avoid any incidents that might hamper the work or cause any injury to the children or the crew. Especially while the crew will be tearing down the old roof, there will be a lot of debris falling down on all sides of the house, and having anyone in any areas surrounding the house will not only endanger their safety but it will also slow down the working crew from quickly, safely, and efficiently remove the roofing off of your house. Although all roofing contractors are very thorough about removing all or most of the debris after their shift ends, even if the project has not been completed, it is essential that the young children in the household do not roam around outside the house when the roofing project is underway.

How to Handle Pets during Roofing Work?

Pets are considered an important part of any family and their well-being is considered very important by the family members. Unlike children, however, it is not possible to discuss the cause of noise and commotion going on around the house with them. If you are planning to stay at home during the time your house’s roof is being replaced, it is highly recommended to board your pets. Even the calmest pets can get very nervous, agitated, and uncomfortable with the noise of roof work. Most pets, especially dogs react to any foreign or unknown noise and get highly stressed by the consistency of it. It is highly advisable to either board your pet or you cannot board the pet or take them out with your while the roofing crew is working. As a last resort place them in a quiet part of the home like a basement with the least amount of noise from the construction.

Where to Park the Cars?

The amount of debris falling off the roof of the house whose roof is being replaced will merit that the cars should be kept as far away from the house as possible. We would highly recommend parking the cars across the street from the house while the roof is being replaced. It is not feasible to park the car in the driveway because of the falling debris and the inconvenience it will cause the crew trying to get around the house. Parking in your garage is hazardous as well, since all the knocking and nailing being done may pry a tool or other object off the wall and cause it to drop on the car damaging it. Therefore, to be on the safe side it is advisable to park your car as far away from the house as possible.

While the roofing project is a major renovation of your home, it is relatively painless and gets done in a few days during the time when you and your family are at work or at school. It may be noisy and inconvenient at times but our customer service reps will advise you on the best course of action to get through it with minimal inconvenience to your family and your life and you’ll soon be the owner of a brand-new roof that should last you another 50+ years.