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The Different Types of Window Styles

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Windows are such crucial elements to a home, so homeowners look for options that serve their purpose and add unique design elements to a home. When you view a home, you don’t necessarily think about the type of window used, or if the homeowner changed it from a single-hung to a casement window; what makes the neighbors notice the overall effect of new windows?

The five most popular windows generally suggested by builders and remodelers for a home are single-hung, double-hung, bay and bow, casement, and specialty windows. Homeowners can choose from these options to achieve their design goals. However, there are so many options when selecting new windows, but the first decision is to make types.

Types of Window Styles:

Single-hung Windows:

The most common window installed today is probably a single-hung window. Generally, single-hung windows are the most economical and reasonable for homeowners looking for budget-friendly windows. They have one movable lower sash with a fixed upper sash that provides natural brightness to a room.

Double-hung Windows:

You undoubtedly guessed the difference between single-hung and double-hung windows – both sashes are adjustable in a double-hung window. This window provides additional air to circulate, adding versatility and easier cleaning. The newest version of double-hung windows has a tip-in feature that enables homeowners to easily reach all exterior and interior surfaces to ensure a squeaky clean window. As you might have expected, typically, double-hung windows are more expensive to buy than single-hung windows.

Bay and Bow Windows:

The third option that homeowners are encouraged to consider is the bay and bow windows. They extend beyond the exterior walls and are often used to create visual interest. Most times, the bay and bow window types come with window seating or a window space that can be used for other design elements or plants.

This window type typically has three openings, with the middle one fixed. A bay and bow window can make a whole lot of difference to your home, with its curved structure consisting of four or more windows creating a nice ledge feature in a home interior.

Casement Windows:

The fourth option considered by homeowners is the casement windows. Instead of sashes that slide, casement windows open outward to the left or right with a hinged side. In contrast to single and double-hung windows, casement windows allow fresh air to circulate throughout the entire height rather than just the upper or lower portion. Casement windows are ideal for providing a slight extra appearance to your home and also for hard-to-reach areas.

Specialty Windows:

Some design plans call for uniqueness, and custom windows that are generally available won’t help you achieve that. Specialty windows are designed by lots of the nation’s top window manufacturers, making it possible to fill those odd spaces in a home with windows or giving purpose to windows with variable dimensions to be used in a home’s remodeling project or initial construction. Builders, architects, and interior designers often insert specialty windows to meet specific design objectives. Specialty windows help to add that extra beauty to your home design needs to make it your own.

Don’t Skip the Window Material

There are other options out there aside from these five popular listed types of windows. After taking your time to decide which window type is best for your home, the next decision to make is about the material. Homeowners must consider the several varieties of materials available for window construction.

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