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Top Reasons Why Your Roof is Discolored


Your home’s roof is exposed entirely to the elements, including the sun, rain, snow, hail, and wind. Needless to say, your roof comes under significant pressure from natural stress that can damage your roof over time. One of the factors that can affect the appearance of your roof is discoloration. This diminished the visual and aesthetic appeal of your roof and can make it look older than it is, and even make your home look dated. You may keep up with routine maintenance of your roof and find that discoloration occurs regardless. Here’s a look at some top reasons your roof is discolored.

Roofing Shingle Algae

How do you know if you have an algae problem with your roof? Look out for a dark greenish-black streak growing on your roof. Roofing shingle algae usually thrives on the north-facing slope of a roof that tends to be humid and damp from not getting adequate sunlight, which is the perfect condition for algae to grow. Moisture creates the ideal environment for the algae to grow, trapping further moisture, which could lead to water damage. Algae cause discoloration of a roof, negatively affecting its aesthetics, as well as the look and feel of your home. This impacts the overall curb appeal of the home.

Asphalt Bleed-Through

Over time, your asphalt roofing shingles will change, and when its lifespan closes in, it’s typical for black streaks to appear on your roof. Think of all the years that your shingles are exposed to the elements, from the mild to the extremes, from the sun’s ultraviolet rays to thermal shock. The environmental changes that your shingles experience can cause them to expand and contract, and ultimately, deteriorate. The deterioration leads to pigmentation of black asphalt, in particular, that emerges at the surface, aka asphalt bleed-through. Asphalt bleed-through tends to appear as black streaks of asphalt particles causing discoloration. Sometimes, low-quality roofing materials on new roofing can bleed through as well.

Rust Stains

Certain types of roofs are more likely to develop rust stains than others. Roofs either made entirely of metal or have metal fixtures tend to develop rust stains with time and this is usually indicated as dark red or brown discoloration. If your roof is all-metal material, rust could be more prevalent as the roof ages. Where your roofing has metal components, expect the rust to show around the area of the metal component. Keep in mind that oxygen and water can corrode your metal roof if you are not careful enough to protect it using paint or some other protective element.

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